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rodan + fields - an honest review - weeks 10-12

rodan + fields header 10-12

I thought that three months was a heck of a long time to try something, but here it is, already at the end. Dang, that went quickly! Without further ado, here's my final thoughts and recommendations on using the Rodan + Fields Reverse regimen and Lash Boost serum.

before and week 12 lashes no mascara before and week 12 without mascara before and week 12 lashes with mascara before and week 12 with mascara

Lash Boost - Weeks 10-12

week 10 - Really loving my lashes. They've evened out nicely after a bunch of them fell out at week 7. I still occasionally have some dry eye, but it's nothing a few eye drops first thing in the morning can't fix.

week 11 - I mentioned at week 5 having to not use the product for a night to help with dryness, but I've been using it consistently every night for the past two weeks and have had zeros issue with dryness or styes. I've really noticed my lashes starting to darken as well as thicken.

week 12 - For the first time in years, I feel like you can actually see my eyelashes when I'm not wearing mascara. I've been able to use less product and I love how full, thick and long they're looking.

lash boost weeks before - 12 weeks
before, weeks 6 and 12 with mascara

Final Thoughts: While it took awhile to get there, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my lashes! I feel like I finally got the hang of applying so that it doesn't run into my eyes. I'm not having dryness, redness or irritation anymore and I love that I don't have to apply nearly as much mascara. To keep things consistent, for the week 12 photo I stuck with my original routine - eyelash curler, primer and a good thick coat of mascara, but most days I've been skipping the eyelash curler and primer because I don't need them. One swipe of mascara is more than enough. I'm still on the original tube of Lash Boost serum and plan on repurchasing once it eventually runs out. So much cheaper than getting lash extensions! Worth every bit of the initial $150 investment in my opinion.   

Do I recommend? Yes!

reverse before and week 12Reverse before and week 12 with no makeup

Reverse Brightening Regimen - Weeks 10-12

Week 10 - I've just been keeping up with the regimen as normal this week. No major changes.

Week 11 - Okay, this week I got a little lazy. I skipped doing the full regimen each night. I washed my face but didn't bother with the toner or the brightening complex for a couple of nights. I've noticed that just skipping a night or two means for a very oily face once you start using it again properly. I've also noticed that the brightening serum tends to make my (already oily) skin extra oily, especially now that it's summer.

Week 12 - Majorly oily skin this week + a breakout on the top and sides of my nose. To be fair, I live in Florida, it's crazy hot right now, and I've been sweating. Yuck. So that very well may what's the blame rather than the product itself. On the plus side, I'm still on the original tubes of the brightening complex, though they are just about to run out. I'm pretty pleased that I got a little over three months of use out of them. The face wash and toner are on track to last about two months again this time around.   

rodan + fields weeks 1-3 no makeup eyes open rodan + fields weeks 4-6 rodan + fields weeks 7-9 rodan + fields weeks 10-12 weeks 1-12 using Reverse

Final Thoughts: I've definitely seen an improvement in the texture of my skin - it's so soft now! My skin is less dull - and I think - looks healthier overall. I still have dark marks (especially on the tops of my cheeks), and while there's been some improvement in tone, it's not a drastic change. While 12 weeks is a decent amount of time try something, I think this product will take months of continuous use to see a dramatic result. But overall, I've been pretty pleased with it and plan on seeing if a few more months of use will continue to help with the dark marks.

Do I recommend? Yes, but don't expect super quick results. 

Have you tried Rodan + Fields? I'd love to hear about your experience! (If you want to check out the progress throughout the 12 weeks, you can read weeks 7-9 here, 4-6 here and 1-3 here).

*This post is not sponsored and all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018


6.6.18 currently

currently I am...

travelling: to Destin last week to play tourist for a day including shopping at the outlets, strolling the beach and sipping on fruity cocktails.

grilling: nothing after my husband accidentally set our grill on fire. But if I could grill something, it would be this delicious looking Mexican street corn. Yum.

exploring: the idea of getting a new kitchen table. Ideally, I'd like something with a butterfly leaf and a farmhouse look. For everyday use we really only need a table that seats four, but it would be so nice to be able to pull up a couple of extra chairs when we have company. I've been eyeing this one from Joss and Main for about a year now, so maybe now's the time to pull the trigger. :)

planting: nothing (because I have a black thumb when it comes to gardening) but still wanting to find a way to incorporate some blue hydrangeas to my landscaping.

playing: with this little pair of sillies.

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